Jay Ort -- 4-Time Cross Country Championship Winner

We celebrated a champion this week -- Carman Runner Jay Ort won his 4th consecutive cross country championship, competing at Spruce Woods Provincial Park. He's had quite the high school experience -- his skills have also taken him to national and international competitions, including the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing China.

Partial Solar Eclipse

Photo by: Adi Loewen

There was a partial solar eclipse Thursday afternoon between 4:00 and 5:00 as the moon passed between the earth and the sun.

Small Business Week -- CAPS Cafe

This is Small business week in Manitoba, and so we've been recognizing some of those community boosters during our mornings with you.  That group included the launch of a small business, CAPS Cafe in the Altona Mall. Shawn and Charis Parago --  will officially open CAPS on Friday October 24th.
Shawn told Al Friesen on the CFAM Morning show how the restaurant is a long time dream of theirs

Post Secondary Education Day

It was billed as a "Post Secondary" Education Day.  A day which allowed students to "check out" presenters from University of Winnipeg, University of Manitoba, Canadian Mennonite University.  Business presence came from organizations like Golden West Radio, and United Transportation Driver Training, represented by President and CEO Fred Hiebert  Fred and Al Friesen sat down with during a break

Farewell to South Central Regional Librarian Liz Forester

A change is on the way at the South Central Regional Library, as Altona Branch Librarian Liz Forester is retiring.  Liz shared the news with the Library Board recently and is planning for a departure before year end.  Liz and Al Friesen sat down to talk about her time leading a community institution and what drew her to the SCRL.

By the way, even after 18 or so years in the Altona Library, despite being in the library all this time, Liz has fallen behind in her reading and is looking forward sitting down with her favourite author, Saskatchewan's W O Mitchell. Thanks for your enthusiasm Liz



Small Business Week -- Max Mobility

Isaac Froese, owner of "Max Mobility" located on Main Street in Winkler.

It is Small Business week -- and we are taking this opportunity to highlight small business in our area. On today's morning show, we put the spotlight on Max Mobility in Winkler. Jayme stopped by the showroom yesterday and spoke with owner Isaac Froese..


Elexis Penner Blog: Dear Race Stats, You Don't Know Me

Stained Glass Secrets

by: Elexis Penner

Dear Race Stats, You Don’t Know Me




I went to Fargo for a weekend recently. It was a girls’ weekend away, and I opted to spend Saturday morning running the city’s annual half-marathon. I use the terms girls and running very loosely, due to the fact that I am in my forties.


I placed 413th out of 437, overall. And 27th out of 29 females in my age group. From that angle it’s kind of depressing. It might be best if I just didn’t look up my stats – EVER. One thing for sure, is that I had a lot of time out there on my own.


So what did I do to keep busy? I enjoyed the scenery – the fall leafage, the river. I focused on breathing and posture. But invariably, I tended to watch other people. I caught myself looking around at the other runners and thinking, “Yikes. These people are really out of shape.” As if I was expecting Paula Radcliff to be running at this pace. Clearly, there was some oxygen deprivation.


Realizing that I know nothing about these people or why they are fast or slow, I started making up stories for them. Don’t look at me like that – I’m not saying it’s right, I’m just saying it happened.


On my way back, I passed a girl who was clearly much younger, and seemingly fitter than I am. How could she possibly be slower? Maybe she just had a baby. Maybe she wasn’t feeling well. Maybe she fights an invisible but debilitating condition. Or maybe, like me, she just finds running flippin’ hard!


I remember a lady that was standing beside me in the corral (yes, moooo) waiting for the race to start. She was chatting with her friends, relaxed. Lined up mid-pack, didn’t seem super focused. She was the first female finisher. I didn’t see that coming.


Then again, how often do I write people off because they don’t play the part of the achiever, and then, like an idiot, I’m surprised when they do something amazing. How often do I write myself off?


The Comparison Game. Whatever you want to call it. It’s what I do when I’m failing. I check out everyone else’s stats. Which invariably leaves me with either a sense of superiority, or of inferiority – both of which are false and not too productive. Did you hear that, Self?


I guess I’ve played this game in most areas of life – spousing, parenting, swimsuits. Always focused on the outward, on the results, on the behaviour. A super-awesome friend put it like this, “…imperfection is much more beautiful than a beautiful and put-together façade.” I still struggle with truly believing this.


My spiritual journey has consisted of a lot of comparisons. Instead of learning from, or just being alongside other believers, I compared. Believing that the ‘just-hunker-down-try-harder-and-shame-yourself-into-submission’ method would make me a holier person. If it did I should have been in line for the papacy.


But. It. Did. Not. God knows, it did not. But it did leave me with a fairly decent spirit of fear. That comes in handy a lot. Not really.


In Falling Upward, Richard Rohr describes what I am starting to catch a tiny glimpse of: “The Holy Spirit is always entirely for us, more than we are for ourselves, it seems. She speaks in our favor against the negative voices that judge and condemn us. This gives us all such hope – now we do not have to do life all by ourselves, or even do life perfectly ‘right’. “


Think about that for a while. Feel any braver? I do.


I sometimes feel anxious about this blog. I worry that I don’t know what I’m doing, and that I might give bad intel. Anne Lamott says about writing, “… go through your draft and take out the lies and boring parts.”


OK, so no lies or boring parts. Tricky.


The truth? Comparisons are debilitating. Either we rank ourselves higher, leaving us with a sense of having arrived. And none of us have. Or we rank ourselves lower, which leaves us too afraid to try anything that won’t produce the desired (read like that other guy’s) result. Note: I tend to alternate between the two, in some bizarre effort to avoid God’s smile. Sigh…


So the race (ha ha race…) stats I initially listed, show me in comparison to everyone else. And let’s face it, the numbers are mildly pathetic. But they don’t tell the story of how I got there. And the 40-something woman who finished 29th out of 29? They sure as heck don’t tell her story either.


Which is too bad, because I bet it’s pretty outstanding.

Small Business Week With 7 Acre Wood Animal Boarding Kennel


This is Small business week with over 98% of Canadian businesses in the category of  small business, which is fewer than 100 employees.  7 Acre Wood Animal Boarding  Kennel East of Lowe Farm, west of Morris, along Highway 23 is one such business. Rob Zacharias, his wife and daughter operate the service and joined the CFAM morning show to explain how they got their start.!our-animals/c1xxg



Provincial Cyclocross Championships

What a wonderful weekend. It was the sort of weather that encouraged lots of fans at the annual Provincial Cyclocross Championships which were held this past weekend. The first of two weekends of Cyclocross Racing in Manitoba, with the Provincials in Altona this weekend, and the Nationals hosted Manitoba at the Forks next weekend. You can see a complete list of results from the weekend of racing at the below link. You can also see a video highlight of the weekend below as well

Glen Campbell Releases Final Song -- "I'm Not Gonna Miss You"

Remember the songs Galveston, Rhinestone Cowboy, By the time I get to Phoenix, Wichita Lineman....All huge hits, and all recorded and sung by Glen Campbell who, according to wikipedia, "during his 50 years in show business, Campbell has released more than 70 albums. He has sold 45 million records and accumulated 12 RIAA Gold albums, 4 Platinum albums and 1 Double-Platinum album." Glen Campbell has released his last song, and accompanying video.  It's called, "I'm not gonna miss you", a recognition that the Alzheimer's disease, which he has been battling since 2011, has "won" again. The video released with the song, includes highlights of his career, and clips of Glen and wife Kim.  The career-spanning video also flashes through performances, family home videos and doctors discussing brain scans with him.  Glen Campbell was admitted to a special care facility this past spring.  The touching video can be viewed below.  Many Manitobans host an Alzheimers Coffee Break every September, or walk in the June memory walks.  January is Alzheimers Awareness month

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