{VIDEO} MCC Mobile Meat Cannery


Each year since 1946, MCC has sent out a mobile meat cannery, which MCC workers and volunteers use to preserve hundreds of thousands of cans of meat for communities in need across the globe...Last year's supply went to feed the hungry in North Korea, Haiti, with over 2000 kilograms distributed locally. Al Friesen stopped in for the final batches of canned pork, and the dedication service.



{VIDEO} Parkside School Parent Council Fundraiser Kick Off

Every school year the Parkside Parent Council...along with the help of the students...raise funds to purchase something needed in the school that will benefit the children. The staff provide a "wish list" of items and the Parent Council chooses items from this list to purchase. This year the funds raised will be used to purchase equipment for Band, Choir and Drama. All the children are involved in one or more of these areas, so they all benefit. The Parent Council will also continue to support the Breakfast program provided at the school every morning.
For just $25 you will receive 12 valuable coupons to use at various businesses around Altona and area in the year 2015. There is also a draw ticket that can be filled out and entered for a Samsung Tablet at a participating business. This draw will be made at the School Spring Concert in May 2015.
The Parkside School children began selling the coupon folders Nov 20th....which would make an awesome Christmas gift!!!
Please support our kids in their efforts and help us to patronize not only the businesses that have a coupon in the folder, but also our generous sponsors that have placed ads in the folder. We have received overwhelming support from the businesses in our area!!

Supplied by Parkside Parent Council with media partner Pembina Valley Online and CFAM

7th Annual Delkalb Super Spiel

World Class Curling..........Small Town Hospitality

That's on show this weekend in Morris and Rosenort at the Dekalb Super Spiel.  It's the 7th Super Spiel which is boasting increased team entries and an overall prize pot of almost 70 thousand dollars.  Jayme Giesbrecht was amoung the crowd in Rosenort which showed off curling in the Rosenort Arena for the very first time.  She was welcome by "non-radio" Al Friesen, who helped coordinate the volunteer team in Rosenort

You can find out more information, including ticket options at


Lebanon Pastor Speaks at Canadian Food Grains Bank Banquet

Manitoba Farmers and Canadian Food Grains bank supporters had a chance to get a perspective of one of our world's current tragedies, and at the same time, hear from someone who experiences first hand, the good work being done by Canadian Food Grains Bank.  Jihad Haddad, is a pastor in a church in Lebanon. Canadian Food Grains Bank invited him to Canada to speak at a series of banquets to tell us how the money is used that the grow projects raise. Jihad also joined the CFAM Morning show

Jahid's presentations included events, Tuesday in Winkler at the Winkler Mennonite Church, Wednesday in Winnipeg at the Fort Garry Fellowship Church and Thursday in Brandon at Bethel Christian Assembly


Addiction Awareness Week


Each year, the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse joins organizations across the country in observing National Addictions Awareness Week. Led nationally by Canadian Centre Substance Abuse, National Addictions Awareness Week highlights issues and solutions to help address alcohol- and other drug-related harm. It provides an opportunity for Canadians to learn more about substance abuse​​ prevention, to talk about treatment and recovery, and to bring forward solutions for change. In conjunction with National Addictions Awareness Week, an information session called “It Takes A Village: Protecting our Youth from Substance Abuse”, was held last night at the W.C Miller collegiate in Altona. The goal of this event was to provide parents with information to help their children choose a drug-free lifestyle, and to provide strategies for those who are already using. This event was open to parents, community youth workers or anyone who cares about young people. Today we were blessed to have Tracy Nickel a recovering alcoholic in the studio to tell us a bit about her journey with addiction. Tracy continues her recovery by helping others in a similar situation, she invites anyone with addiction to contact her through facebook or on a personal basis if you know her. Tracey will be setting up a page soon as well. Tracy is dedicated to helping others and has just taken on a new role helping youth with addiction within southern Manitoba.


A Story For The Season


Everyone has a SPECIFIC favorite Christmas carol, by a specific artist. And we would love to play it for you! A Story For the Season is a feature that lets YOU call in your favorites, and they will be played randomly  at 7 :10 and at 11:00 AM every day between November 24th and December 20th.

Call in your favorite song and artist at 1-800-285-4159!

Music That Matters 2014

Jp Hoe onstage at the Access Event Centre, for "Music That Matters"


It was a cold, windy day, but many braved the cold to show their support for Manitoba's Special Olympians. A fundraiser took place on Friday, called "Music That Matters" -- a music evening at the Access Event  Center in Morden.

Jayme spoke with Event Organizer Rachel Dell, and took a look back at last years show, held during the summer,, why the change?

Special Olympic Athlete Steve, along with JP Hoe

November is Diabetes Month

When it comes to diabetes, knowledge is the best management. The more someone learns about diabetes, the better equipped they are for the life-long commitment to diabetes management. You can visit don't be and take the CANRISK test to learn more about your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Anyone that takes the test will be entered to win great prizes from sponsors and one dollar will be donated to the Canadian Diabetes Association for each test taken. I have taken this test myself only took me 2 minutes and not only does it ask you questions it gives you little tips on how to avoid and or detect diabetes in the future. Lets all take the test weather we have diabetes or are at risk, we all know someone with Diabetes and every test taken is another dollar towards research and saving lives of those with Diabetes.

I was privileged to speak with Dwight Froese today in regards to his adventure with Diabetes.

Altona Senior Centre Waffle Breakfast


Altona Senior Centre hosted a waffle breakfast today from 8:30 to 9:30am. They were looking to raise funds to finish of the payment for the new parking lot and any other future endeavors for the centre. Thank you Gordon and Helen for taking the time to speak with me during your waffle rush.... 

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