13th Annual St. Jean ATV Derby Set to Kick Off This Weekend

Many of us enjoy spending time on trails riding or driving an ATV. A huge bunch of ATV'ers will be in St Jean this weekend for the annual ATV derby which has really taken off in recent years. Mike Gilmore is one of the organizers, and as he told the CFAM morning show, the event has grown significantly, and benefited many community organizations in St Jean. CFAM news team member Cory Knutt attended the 2013 Derby and left us these video impressions




Alzheimer Coffee Breaks -- Sandy Sandulak

We are invited to make our coffee count during the month of September, Alzheimer Awareness Month. A bunch of coffee breaks will be held throughout the region during September. Our CFAM onair team is hosting a coffee break and we received our official hosting kit from Sandy Sandulak of the Alzheimer Society of South Central Manitoba, who then explained about the importance of hosting a coffee break


The Release of Burning Ember: The Steve Bell Journey

Many of Manitoba's musical bright lights gathered at the Metropolitan Entertainment Centre last night to pay tribute to one of Manitoba's most popular and enduring musicians. Al Simmons, Don Amero, Jaylene Johnson and others joined Steve Bell, who is celebrating 25 years as a solo artist in 2014. It's a milestone that is also being recognized with the release of the documentary, Burning Ember, the Steve Bell Journey. Al Friesen was part of last night's VIP screening, and caught up with Director Andrew Wall of Refuge 31 films. Andrew shared how he first came to know Steve, and feel the story was worth telling

Aaron Burnett and Don Amero, who will tour with Steve this fall, were also at last night's screening

Altona Youth For Christ Kielke Classic


That's the response from The Station, Altona YFC Youth Drop in Centre Director Larry Reimer, following this weekend's fundraising charity golf tournament.  The tournament, which was won by a foursome including CFAM evening and weekend sports announcer Josh Neufeld pictured below, included some 75 golfers, and raised over 7000 dollars for the youth centre.  A smiling Jonathon Toews, pictured below with board member Harv Schroeder was the winner of the Traeger smoker. The Kielke classic was held at Oakview Golf and Country Club, and gave Director Larry Reimer an opportunity to share some of this year's activities with CFAM morning show host Al Friesen

MCC Relief Sale -- Morris

It was the end of an era this past weekend. Over 30 years of the MCC Relief and Auction Sale held in Morris. Saturday turned out to be a pretty decent day for the final sale.

 Shannon Dueck of our Golden West News team and Al friesen were two of the many volunteers at the sale - they assisted at the perogy lunch. And it was after lunch Al caught up with past sale chair Dave Reimer


The Brandon MCC Relief Sale will be held this coming Saturday -- Jayme Giesbrecht will be there -- on location.


Parkinson's Superwalks 2014 -- Martha Wieler

Martha Wieler (top left) and family

 Four Parkinsons Superwalks were held across Manitoba the past two weekends, with Morden's and Gimli's walks held this this past Saturday and Sunday. Al Friesen stopped by Morden's walk, where he met Martha Wieler. Martha and her Family were there for a close family member -- as she explained while they were getting ready for the walk


Lenore Laverty -- organizer of the Parkinsons Society Super Walk in Morden


Dr Kliewer's Retirement Banquet


Dr Denis Fortier, Southern Health Sante Sud CEO Cathy McPhail, son and daughter JD and Karin, were just some of the 200 or so guests who attended and paid tribute to Ken and Iris Kliewer on the recognition of Dr Kliewer's retirement after 40 years of practice in the Altona Community Memorial Health Centre.  As seen below, Ken Kliewer received well wishes from his grandaughter, and also Margaret Nickel, one of Altona's very first health care workers.

Al Friesen took the occasion to speak with long time colleagues Ken Kliewer and Dieter Bueddefeld


Elexis Penner Blog: Attempting The Art Of Less Talky...

Stained Glass Secrets

by: Elexis Penner

Mastering Attempting The Art Of Less Talky…



I have a personal list of Things I Need To Get A Handle On Forthwith, which I’ve arranged alphabetically and categorically. Near the top of this list – even higher than sarcasm minimalization and flossing – is listening. Or maybe I should say hearing.


This shortcoming comes out regularly in close relationships. You know, those times when you and your spouse find yourselves gaping at one another, both thinking, “What is WRONG with this PERSON? Is there some sort of SHORT in the circuitry? Are the synapses just not FIRING? HOW can they THINK this way?”


We just aren’t hearing each other, and this is the point where the kids sort of just disappear off to anywhere-but-here.


Oh sure, I hear people who think the same way I do. That’s easy. That makes sense. That’s fun. We share mutually acceptable beliefs and then I tend to ‘tisk tisk’ anyone who thinks differently.


And when someone does think differently? Depending on the subject and the size of the gap between our beliefs, my reaction might range from a raised eyebrow, to an eye roll, to fists of fury. And by fists, I mean words.


I think I can probably say that I was born with a mildly edgy wit. But with great power comes great responsibility and I often find myself using my powers for evil. I tend to shoot (my mouth off) first, and ask questions later.


Remember the report cards we got in school when we were kids? They were smaller. Double sided. At the end of each semester we would bring them home for our parents to see and sign and then we’d return them to our teacher, and that paper was our report card for the year. It killed one tree instead of nine.


As I recall, I consistently scored really low in the “Accepts Criticism” category. I mean, if I was wrong, don’t you think I’d know it?


Getting called out on something, or having to take a hard look at how my actions affect others does not fall high on my list of favorite things.


This happened a few weeks ago when I came across this blog where John Pavlovitz expresses what he feels accounts for the reasons many people have left the church.


He proceeds to make some pretty hard-hitting statements that I really had to think about. And my first reaction was, “That’s a pretty broad brush to paint people with. That’s not true about everyone. That’s not true about me.” OK, maybe I’m more self-centered than your average two year old. But I certainly know people who are busy loving others as themselves.


But then he went on to say this.


We hope that you’ll just sit in stillness with these words for a while, because whether you believe they’re right or wrong, they’re real to us, and that’s the whole point…. We want you to hear us before you debate us.”


And for a change, I didn’t have any words. (Sorry, Dear Husband – you missed it.)


1 Peter 3:15 says, “… Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect…”


Giving an answer assumes that someone has asked a question. Am I approachable enough that someone could make oneself so vulnerable to even want to ask a question? Or am I someone who will shoot them down without really hearing them?


Do I think that if I am willing to listen to someone, get to know them, try to understand with an open mind, that I am somehow deviating from some high ideal. That’s arrogant. And fearful.


Hearing someone doesn’t mean I agree with them. It doesn’t mean I’ll end up agreeing with them – sometimes I shouldn’t. But, then again, I might. Sometimes when I listen a little harder to why someone thinks what they think, I find out that we’re not really that different. I need other people to gain wisdom, and so that I don’t get too weird, stuck in my own quirky brain.


My brilliant little brother writes a blog. In one post he humbly approaches the topic like this, “….I am still uneasy speaking into these issues but I want to offer them to challenge some themes and to open myself for criticism as well.”


In other words, to have a discussion.


To listen.


And to hear.

(VIDEO) STARS Rescue on the Island

 Paramedic "Brent" preparing the helicopter


The STARS Rescue on the Island took place yesterday, with 8 Manitoba business leaders flown to an island to compete in a variety of challenges to raise money for STARS Air Ambulance. Here's a look at the experience:

Fred Hiebert of United Driver Training, along with his partner, Paramedic "Jamie" -- boasting their wins so far.

Winkler Mayor Martin Harder and partner, creating an "S.O.S" signal for Helicopters to see.

Jayme Giesbrecht preparing for a flight to the Island in the Stars Air Ambulance

Revisiting the Honey Garlic and Maple Syrup Festival

This past weekend, Manitou hosted the annual Honey Garlic and Maple Syrup Festival.  How did it go? And how did the annual celebration of sight, smell, and taste turn out.  Well, that's a question for Evelyn Lea, chair of the organizing committee.  Evelyn enthusiastically looked back at this year's festival in a conversation with Al Friesen on the CFAM Morning show.   Her impressions included an endorsement of the weekend weather

You can see more pictures of the festival at

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