David Reimer Running CHP In Provencher


Provencher Christian Heritage Party Canada candidate David Reimer


A fourth candidate has been announced for Provencher in the upcoming federal election. For the second straight election, David Reimer of Steinbach is a candidate for Christian Heritage Party Canada.
Reimer says the party formed in 1987. He has been a party candidate six times now in four separate constituencies across the prairies.
Reimer says the Christian Heritage Party is a pro-life, pro-family, pro-marriage party, but beyond that has extensive policies on immigration, justice, economy and the environment.
Reimer is an Associate Pastor at Shalom Family Worship Centre in Steinbach. He has been married 42 years, has three married children and three grandsons.
Reimer says he's getting very positive feedback towards his campaign. Three years ago he picked up 1170 votes in the federal election, or about 3.2% of all ballots cast in Provencher. Reimer says the goal is certainly to collect more votes this time around. He says a vote for Christian Heritage Party is not a wasted vote. "The reality is, the more votes we get, the stronger the statement that we make to the political parties that exist today." Reimer says the party's goal is to one day have a candidate win a seat in Ottawa and begin working alongside the party in power and hopefully have some of their values embraced by government.
David Reimer will be running against Conservative candidate Vic Toews, Liberal candidate Terry Hayward and NDP hopeful Al Mackling.