Renovations To Emerson Boat Launch Completed

emerson boat launch

The town of Emerson completed repairs to its concrete boat launch facility this fall.

Mayor Wayne Arseny says the project was done in two phases, thanks in large part to the low level of the Red River this year. "The River hasn't been this low since 1979, and while we repaired the upper section in concrete, we had no idea what was below the water line."

However, over the summer, as drought like conditions set in, the river level continued to drop about 8 feet allowing the town to repair damage to the concrete section that has been under water for a number of years. "We found out that the swirling water had eroded the concrete completely, so we stabilized that with new concrete and dropped in some rip rap."

Arseny says Emerson is now one of the few communities along the Red River that offer boat access. He adds, the boat launch can also be used by anglers who need access to the river in winter to set up their ice shacks.

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