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Corn And Apple Festival Launches Ripen The Apple Fundraising Campaign

ripentheapple 1Corn and Apple President Dale Stambuski and Organizing Committee Chair Chris MacPherson

Members of the Morden Corn and Apple planning committee launched their 2013 fundraising campaign yesterday.

The Ripen The Apple campaign is a fresh concept for the 2013 festival which aims to raise $80,000 for the upcoming event. President Dale Stambuski says fundraising is one of the most important parts of planning for the festival which will be celebrating its 47th year this year.

"We appreciate everybody's support, and regardless of whether it's a large sponsor or a small sponsor, all our sponsors are very important to the continuation of this festival, so we'd like to thank everybody."

The "Ripen The Apple" campaign is the brain child of past president Reg Braun who felt the sponsorship fundraising aspect of the festival needed something new to keep it in the minds of sponsors in the community. He also thought it would be a way to have some fun with it, and hopefully take them to the next level.

Stambuski says you can watch the apple on the front of the Morden Enrichment Corporation building on Stephen Street "ripen" over the coming months, and know your sponsorship dollars will ensure they reach their $80,000 goal which is about $10,000 more than last year. So far about $20,000 has been raised. The total budget for this year's Corn and Apple festival is approaching $250,000.

ripentheapple 2Left to right; Decor Cabinets Annie Bergen, Councillor Irvin Wiebe, Morden-Winkler MLA Cameron Friesen, Decor Cabinets Dave Schellenberg, MP Candice Bergen representative Colleen Kyle, President Dale Stambuski, Organizing Committee Chair Chris MacPherson, Enbridge's Les Scott

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