Quaker Hoping To Buy Oats Through Rail Line

Producers in southern Manitoba may be able to sell their oats directly to the Quaker Oats Company.

Quaker representatives have contacted the Boundary Trail Railway Company regarding sourcing their oats from producers on the stretch of track from Holmfield to Morden.

Boundary Trail legal counsel Art Stacey explains Quaker is hoping to bypass its intermediary suppliers and purchase high quality oats straight from southern Manitoba producers.

The only economical way of bringing the oats to Quaker's mill in Cedar Rapids, Iowa is via rail.

He says this is an example of why producers should invest in saving the railline.

Boundary Trail Railway Company is facing a deadline of December 1st by which it must have its funds together to purchase the line from CP rail.

If the group does not purchase it, CP will remove the track and the boundary trail company will instead only acquire the right-of-way.