George's Burgers Opens In Morris

Morris residents now have another burger joint. George's Burgers and Submarines opened this spring in the former Maryo's Drive-in at 135 Boyne Avenue West.
Owner George Ifandis owns a similar, but much larger restaurant at 1141 St. Mary's Road in Winnipeg. Ifandis opened his first restaurant in 1975 in Winnipeg. He says his customers have always been good to him, so when the opportunity presented itself to open in Morris, he had no worries it would be a success. Ifandis notes the people of Morris and area have welcomed him with open arms, and the first few weeks of business have been great.



George Ifandis hard at work in his kitchen in Morris

He notes the key to success all these years has been his service. "I try to make everybody happy."  He adds, "I never look at customers just for the money, I look at like a good friend." Ifandis realizes a lot of people in the area, including farmers would like to see him open later in the evening. To that, he says "if I find good people, I want to please Morris people to open a little bit later because I know a lot of farmers they want to come a little bit later." For now he's not sure if the Morris location will stay open during the winter months, or if it will simply remain a seasonal restaurant.
Aside from the obvious size difference, Ifandis says the difference between the two restaurants is the Winnipeg location offers dinner options, while the Morris site has a very popular ice cream option on its menu. Having said that, Ifandis says his top selling meal is certainly his hamburger. "All these years, my best hamburger in Manitoba. I use just pure beef, no hearts, no livers, no anything inside my hamburgers." He adds, "I prove it to anybody that nobody sell better hamburger."