Since 1904 the Carman Health Auxiliary has been raising money for the Carman Hospital and Boyne Lodge. They help fund things that the government doesn't cover. 

To raise money, as well as mark their 120th anniversary they are hosting a Spring Tea this weekend.

We spoke to Betty Park, the secretary of the Carman Health Auxiliary, about the event.

"We will be serving a bit of lunch and anniversary cake at 3:00, but you're welcome to come at 2 and stay until till 4. It will be a time of of visiting and remembering lots of good stuff. This time we are being supported by Homestead Co-op in Carman, so they're helping with some of the expenses of of the team.

.Over the last couple of months they've been at their local Co-op selling raffle tickets for this event and sales "have been going very good."

Not only is this a celebration of how long they've been around, it's also a chance for them to do what they do best, raise money for the Carman Hospital.

"Our current project is to replace the overhead light in the emergency room at the Carmen Hospital. Originally we thought it was going to be in the $6000 range the price has now increased with installation and you know taking down the old one and putting up the new one. It's now close to $11,000. So, we hope that our tea is very successful, that we can, you know, pay for the light to be installed, and then we'll also have money leftover for bursaries for a graduating student that is entering the healthcare field."

Those are just a few of the way the Carman Health Auxiliary is working to improve the health care field in the community, and you can help!

Join them this Saturday from 2 - 4 at the Legion Auxiliary Hall for tea, door prizes, a chance to win the raffle and support all the work that they do.