Rhineland Municipality has approved the re-zoning of land next to the Ag Park West industrial park.

Ag Park West is located a few miles east of Winkler along Highway 14 and is a privately owned enterprise.

Reeve Don Wiebe said the initiative has proven very successful to the point where the owner wants to expand the park.

"The whole thing has taken off very well. I think, of the 26 lots, there are only 4 or 5 left that have not been spoken for. The developer is looking at expanding just south of that location which would be north of the railway tracks. There's a piece of land there that would make a logical extension to this."

In order to accommodate the expansion request, Rhineland council had to rezone a larger piece of land.

Wiebe says the Ag-West Park expansion will likely create other issues such as expanded road maintenance and a need for improved highway access.