Phase 1 of Altona's expanded industrial park is getting developed this year. 

Council has awarded a bid by Fast Brothers for $3.7 million, and crews will get to work installing water, sewer and road infrastructure in the spring. The job also includes installing the necessary lift stations for the future phases.

"We're really excited to get this project continued, to get this project going," said Mayor Harv Schroeder. 

Four bids were submitted for the job. They were:
Accurate HD Ltd.            $4,840,978.00 before taxes
Fast Brothers                   $3,754,957.50 before taxes
Nelson River                    $8,515,210.00 before taxes
Southwood                      $4,420,478.15 before taxes
Realizing the need for extra industrial lots in the community a number of years ago, Council put together a conceptual plan in 2019 and purchased 117.3 acres of land from Grand West Farms in 2020. 

"We've developed a phased approach to developing this land, and we are excited to continue with Phase 1 in 2023," noted Schroeder. 

Phase 1 includes 30 industrial lots, four of which are already serviced and located along 14th Ave. East. Two of those serviced lots have already been sold.