One of the mayoral candidates in the town of Emerson says he will not be able to serve if elected.


Terry Kreitz says the Public Service Commission has informed him that it will not remove the condition they have placed on him when it comes to holding public office.

Kreitz, a border services employee, has been told that he can only hold public office if he takes a 4 year leave of absence.

He  says that's impossible for him to do at this time as he has a family to support.

Three other border officers seeking a seat on council are in the same boat as Kreitz.

Kreitz says despite the personal setback, he's encouraged by the tremendous amount of interest in this year's election.

Emerson has two candidates running for mayor and 12 candidates seeking 4 spots on council.

That compares to the 2002 election where all the candidates for mayor and council were acclaimed.