The MLA for Borderland has been appointed to two cabinet committees within Premier Brian Pallister's Conservative government.

Josh Guenther will sit on both the Economic Growth Committee and the Public Sector Compensation Committee.

Guenther says he's honoured by the appointments since these positions are generally given to cabinet ministers.

"The premier does have the prerogative to appoint a backbencher, so it's a rare privilege and very special because it doesn't happen all the time. He feels this is a good area for me to serve and learn and contribute...and I look forward to getting to work."

In addition to his new cabinet committee appointments, Guenther also sits on the Red Tape Reduction Task Force which consists of three Tory MLAs.

"What I appreciate about the premier is he puts you in a place where you can grow and stretch your skills and your knowledge base and develop personally as well as professionally."

Guenther feels some of these new appointments are a good fit, not just for him, but for his constituency as well.

"There is a lot of entrepreneurial grit and dynamism in Borderland and we're somewhat unique that way in the province so the focus on economic growth and red tape reduction are good fits for our riding and I'll enjoy being able to reach out to constituents and stakeholders in this vein as well."