Tuesday morning at the Winkler Tim Hortons, a cheque presentation was held with the money raised through the recent Smile Cookie campaign at the Winkler and Morden Tims was presented to the Boundary Trails Health Centre Foundation. Without a doubt the the beloved annual tradition achieved remarkable success, and left a memorable mark on the hearts of those involved.

The Foundation was the focal point of this successShannon Samette-Folkette, the Foundation's Executive Director, reflected on the campaign with pride and gratitude. 

"We were the lucky chosen partners for the Smile Cookie week here in Morden and Winkler," she said. "We're super excited. We kind of went in blind, but think we made the best of it."

Linda Doerksen, co-owner of Tim Hortons locations in Morden, Winkler, and Carman, expressed her pride in the community's response to the campaign. 

"The hospital is there for all of us in this community. Each and every one of us needs the hospital at some point in our lifetime... it's a very important part of our community," said Doerksen.

The tireless efforts of volunteers, alongside the support of Tim Hortons staff, pushed the campaign further.

"Over 25,000 cookies were decorated, and we had volunteers from all across our community. We had some from the hospital, we had the firefighters come out, we had our board members, and if it wasn't for them, we truly could not have been this successful," said Samette-Folkette.

The success of the Smile Cookie campaign goes beyond fundraising; it represents the importance of community engagement and joint action. 

With determination and the support of countless volunteers, sponsors, and community members, the Foundation raised over $40,000 through selling Tim Hortons Smile Cookies. 

But beyond the thrill of surpassing fundraising goals is a deeper purpose rooted in the commitment to improving healthcare services for all community members. 

"We reached the goal of our campaign, but on top of that, there are always the programs we were committed to prior to the campaign," Samette-Folkette said. "Those didn't go away. They are still there, and even larger than they were before."

Through initiatives like the Smile Cookie campaign, community members can contribute to the continued growth and development of essential healthcare services, ensuring they remain accessible to all who need them.

The 2024 Smile Cookie campaign was more than just a fundraising initiative, it was a celebration of community and the potential of joint action to create positive change.