Carman Collegiate

May has been busy for the high school students in Carman, learning about bugs, soils and competing in (and winning) the A-AA 2024 Manitoba High School 3x3 Championships on April 26

Not only that, but the kids what you to come check out how artsy they are. May 30th is Art's Appreciation evening.

"Students will display their art, metals, woodworking, cooking, and graphic arts projects in the hallways and our band students will perform in the theatre." 


Carman Collegiate

Northlands Parkway Collegiate


Mental Health week brought ice cream, puppies and bouncy castles and more to the NPC halls.

May also meant a pig road for the culinary students.

"The culinary students paraded the head around through the commons while banging pots, which was appropriate since some of the students had just read 'Lord of the Flies.'"

An eventful week for NPC students.


W.C. Miller Collegiate


W.C. Miller students also marked Mental Health Week, where the theme was compassion, and had Live Different come to their school.

While at a track meet the students had to deal with cool and rainy conditions but managed to make the best of it.

Hear more from Ethan about W.C. Miller below.