Just over $1 million dollars was awarded to the Morden and Winkler area through the Manitoba Government's Building Sustainable Communities (BSC) grants this week

Morden's Minnewasta Golf and Country Club (MGCC) and Winkler's Central Station (WCS) came out on top, both receiving $300,000 each.

MLA for Morden-Winkler Cameron Friesen said his riding received $1,044,651.

"Essentially, Morden-Winkler receives $1,000,000 under this year's BSC. The two large awards to Minnewasta Golf and Country Club, Central Station Community Center, but then also awards for the City of Morden for a Spray Park upgrade, City of Winkler for the Aquatic Center upgrades, the Handivan will get a Handivan replacement award, an award to Border Valley Snowgoers, MSTW, a few things for City of Winkler for pathways, and the Bunker Youth Ministry."

MGCC President Tyler Sawatsky expressed his gratitude on behalf of the members and community for this investment at the perfect time, as they are planning to rebuild their clubhouse after a devastating fire, last fall, destroyed the timber structure with so much history.

"I thank Cameron, all his efforts, and also the Province of Manitoba, for partnering with our group and organization, and our club in this substantial rebuild. We suffered a great loss last fall with the beloved clubhouse burning down. As disappointing and heartbroken as the community was, as the membership was, our desire is to build a clubhouse the community, and the surrounding area as a whole, can be proud of, can be sustainable, and just be a great place to enjoy year-round, winter and summer. We just look forward to sharing our plans as we move forward, and this is the first step in a great direction."

Fundraising for the rebuilding of the structure is at its early stages, and Sawatsky looks forward to conversations and collaboration with the community to plan for the future for MGCC.

Submitted photo: Lt-rt Central Station Board Chair, Phillip Vallelly, MLA Cameron Friesen and CS Executive Director Bev Wiebe in the soon-to-be new location for Central Station on Main St in Winkler.

Earlier in the day, MLA Friesen was able to stop in at Winkler Central Station's new location on Main Street, still under renovations but expected to open in the coming months, to share the good news with Executive Director Bev Wiebe and Board Chair Phillip Vallelly.

Wiebe was ecstatic.

"We are beyond excited about the $300,000 grant we received today from our province, from the Building Sustainable Communities Program. We applied for the full $300,000, and have been waiting for many months to see how that would turn out, but we are just beyond pleased to know the province is supporting the growth of Central Station, and what we have to offer the community."

Wiebe noted the $1.6-million  project is in the last leg of fundraising, with one million dollars already raised through community support. Adding this new money, they have $300,000 dollars to go.

She is so grateful for the community and government support, adding it feels, with this grant, they are now on the home stretch to strengthening the support they provide to people who walk through their doors.

"Having a good drop-in space where people can come stop by for coffee and a muffin, and just connect with our volunteers and staff, and each other, I think we've seen just great relationships formed just by meeting at Central Station."

The local community groups and projects that will be receiving funding include:

  • Minnewasta Golf and Country Club - Clubhouse Rebuild Upgrades $300,000
  • Central Station Community Centre - Centre Renovations Phase 2 $300,000
  • City of Morden - Spray Park Upgrades $75,000
  • City of Winkler - Aquatic Centre Upgrades $43,512
  • Morden Community Handi-Van - Handi-Van Replacement $43,000
  • Border Valley Snow Goers - Equipment Upgrades $27,139
  • MSTW Planning District - Development Plan Update $21,000
  • City of Winkler - Pathway Extension $70,000
  • City of Winkler, Transportation Master Plan $60,000
  • The Bunker Youth Ministry - Kitchen Upgrades $60,000
  • City of Winkler - Pembina Scotia Pathway - $45,000