An honour walk was held through the streets of Roseau River First Nation Wednesday.

Rossi says they had wonderful turnout with approximately 150 people, including support from Dominion City community Members and school staff!The walk was organized by members of the Roseau River Detachment of the Manitoba First Nations Police Service.

Sergeant, Nicki Rossi says they named it an 'honour walk' to honour the children that didn't make it home from residential schools, as well as the survivors. She says it's a walk for every child that matters.

Chief Rossi of Manitoba First Nations Police Service and Sargeant Rossi of MFNPS Roseau River First Nation. (Photos submitted by Sargeant Nicki Rossi)

Rossi says with everything that's going on, the members of the police service feel it's important and imperative for them to do their part with that. She says MFNPS Chief of Police, Bruno Rossi has always instilled the service, and in its members of the importance of community based policing, and this was a way they felt they could give back to the community.

The walk, which began with a prayer and pipe ceremony by a community elder. started off at the residential school monument outside the community's drop-in centre. It continued throughout Roseau River First Nation.

Following the honour walk, the community gathered for a barbecue lunch at the detachment.

"It's a hard time for our First Nation people, and I've come to learn how resilient First Nation people are and the survivors of the residential school. I'm very amazed just to be in a very close-knit community, how forgiving they are. And their hearts, it's just amazing for me to see that, and to feel that," said Rossi.





Chief Alexander of Roseau River First Nation and daughter Chanel HI-EAGLE who is summer student for Manitoba First Nations Police Service.



POLICE in orange MFNPS Vest another way to represent Every Child Matters and Survivors of residential schools.