Some concerns have been raised about a number of residents in the Municipality of Rhineland having to go to two separate polling stations this municipal election.

190 voters in Ward 1 of the municipality will have to cast their ballots for local council in either Gretna or Halbstadt, but they also live within Ward 7 of the Border Land School Division and must vote for their local trustees at a station in Altona.

There is concern this may deter people from voting in either election.

It's up to Senior Election Officer, Jake Bergen, to decide where polling stations will be set up.

"Normally a poll consists of five hundred to six hundred voters. With only a hundred and ninety voters in the area, it did not make economic sense to set up an additional poll," he explained. According to Bergen, adding an additional poll to an existing polling station would cost a minimum of $500.

Because the polling information has already been published in local election notices, Bergen says it's too late to make any changes.

As a solution, Bergen suggests the impacted residents cast their vote for local council at the advance polls this Friday, October 19th in Gretna between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., and then vote for their local school trustees on election day, October 24th, in Altona.