Several summer projects have been taking place in the Municipality of Rhineland.

Reeve Don Wiebe outlined some of the projects in the Gretna area.

"Mr. John Klassen is building rental spaces for trucks," said Wiebe. "We're pleased that... the trailer manufacturing site is now being occupied, and now this, and a couple of housing starts in Gretna, things are looking good."

He added road repair in Greta and Plum Coulee is ongoing.

"We had to cut back a little bit this year because the municipal grant wasn't nearly what we expected it to be," said Wiebe.

Some drainage work was also done in the village of Neuhorst, west of Gretna.

"The Highways Department takes care of the roads in the villages... the Rhineland municipality and the Highways Department teamed up. They supplied the culverts and we installed them... the risk of flooding from overland drainage should be much reduced."

A pilot project is also underway in Blumengart. A new type of concrete is being tested.

"It's very price competitive... it's very quick to install, it seems to be that it's very very durable, has a longer shelf life than asphalt," said Wiebe. "We're doing this pilot project with the help of Blumengart Colony, because that's a very good site... we've got heavy duty truck traffic for their feed mill and other services they provide."

In the community of Plum Coulee, the east low-pressure sewer system with 25 hook-ups is underway.

"Right now they're doing the utility locates, and as soon as that is done our staff thinks that we'll be starting that project in August," said Wiebe.

Also in Plum Coulee, a study has been launched to look into the water and waste water systems, due to the age of the lagoon. "The consultant has been hired, and the work is underway," said Wiebe.

The study will present recommendations to upgrade the current water distribution system in Plum Coulee.