A new K to 8 school and childcare centre in Morden took another big step forward yesterday with Western School Division announcing proposals for construction are now being accepted by M-C-M Architects.

Proposals will be accepted until early January. 

The Division also announced costing out the possibility of a locally funded soccer field and full-sized running track on the new school site. 

WSD Board Chair Brian Fransen shared his reaction to the news.  

"It is amazingly exciting. This is something the community has needed for a long time. The obvious impacts of having new space and not having a large number of our classes in portable classrooms, but there's also the intangible benefits of having that new construction. That new energy and the acknowledgement of the growth of the community, and the expansion of what we're able to do with our kids in our community." 

He shared the planned timeline for the K-8 School located on the Northwest corner of Parkhill Drive. 

"Our expectation is these Requests for Proposal are to be submitted by the early part of January. After that we are hoping we can turn that around fairly quickly, make an approval, and get into breaking ground in Spring, and start construction of this building. We hope to be able to have students in it in the fall of 2024." 

Fransen shared what this means to the division and community, noting the early and middle years schools are bursting at the seams. 

"It's incredible. I don't think words can effectively communicate how much that space is going to mean to our school community and to the community at large. Having the opportunity for a new building, which not only includes this running track and soccer field, but also includes daycare space, is huge. Schools are the heartbeat of the community and by adding this new school, this new space, is going to be great for years." 

The K-8 school will have space for up to 600 students and the ability to expand up to 800 students. 

More information on this part of the project will be provided in the coming weeks. 

Key features of the new school will include:

Standard classrooms for K-8 students

• 2 Science Classrooms

• STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Room

• Art and Band Classrooms

• Human Ecology – Nutrition/Textiles Classroom

• Industrial Arts – Wood Shop • Life Skills Suite

• Spacious 2-Station Gymnasium

• Library/Learning Commons

• Large, flexible Multi-Purpose Room

• Guidance and Resource Centres

• Before and After School Childcare Rooms with space for 40 children

• Childcare Facility with 74 spaces

• Energy Conserving Features – rainwater harvesting, water conserving features and sustainable and green design