Last updated: December 13, 2021

Public health officials advise eight new deaths in people with COVID-19 are being reported today:

a male in his 80s from the Winnipeg health region (reported Saturday);
a male in his 80s from the Southern Health-Santé Sud health region (reported Saturday);
a female in her 80s from the Southern Health-Santé Sud health region (reported Saturday);
a male in his 70s from the Interlake-Eastern health region (reported Saturday);
a male in his 90s from the Southern Health-Santé Sud health region (reported Sunday);
a male in his 80s from the Southern Health-Santé Sud health region (reported Sunday);
a male in his 70s from the Winnipeg health region (reported Sunday);
a male in his 60s from the Southern Health-Santé Sud health region (reported Monday);
Today's five-day COVID-19 test positivity rate is 5.7 per cent provincially and 3.7 per cent in Winnipeg. As of 9:30 a.m. today, 478 new cases of the virus have been identified since Friday: 163 cases on Saturday, Dec. 11; 163 cases Sunday, Dec 12; and 152 cases today.
This includes:

Region                                                                                                 Cases 

Interlake-Eastern health region                                                           35

Northern health region                                                                         118

Prairie Mountain Health region                                                             45

Southern Health-Santé Sud health region                                           120

Winnipeg health region                                                                        160

Six cases have been removed due to data correction. The total number of lab-confirmed cases in Manitoba is 69,979.

There were 152 new cases identified in Manitoba today. Of these, 64 are in individuals who were not fully vaccinated. This includes:


Region                                                                                                Cases        Not Fully Vaccinated

Interlake-Eastern health region                                                           7                6

Northern health region                                                                        48              18

Prairie Mountain Health region                                                           16              7

Southern Health-Santé Sud health region                                          31              18

Winnipeg health region                                                                       50              15

Today’s data also shows:

1,700 active cases and 66,926 individuals who have recovered from COVID-19;
142 Manitobans hospitalized with COVID-19 including 90 people with active COVID-19 as well as 52 people who are no longer infectious;
a total of 34 Manitoba patients receiving intensive care for COVID-19 including 26 people in intensive care units with active COVID-19 as well as eight people who are no longer infectious but continue to require critical care;
zero new cases of B.1.1.529 (omicron) variant have been confirmed in Manitoba for a total of five;
2,510 laboratory tests were completed yesterday bringing the total number of lab tests completed since early February 2020 to 1,211,614; and
the total number of deaths in people with COVID-19 is 1,353.
Outbreaks have been declared at:

Ecole Assiniboine, grade 5 class, Winnipeg
The school has been moved to the Restricted (Orange) level on the Pandemic Response System.

Outbreaks have been declared over at:

Portage District General Hospital, rehab unit;
Grace Hospital, 4 North surgery unit;
Seven Oaks General Hospital, 4 unit 8-12, geri-rehab unit;
Selkirk Regional Health Center, medical unit; and
Arborg personal care home.

To have the fullest protection possible against COVID-19 going into the holiday season, Manitobans are encouraged to get their second and third dose as quickly as possible. While COVID-19 vaccine appointments continue to be available at regional or provincial vaccine clinics, for many people the fastest way to be immunized is at a nearby medical clinic, pharmacy or urban Indigenous clinic. Please check the online vaccine finder or with a medical clinic or pharmacy near you that provides the COVID-19 vaccine to find the next available opportunity to be immunized.

The timeline between second and third dose is being shortened for some individuals. Anyone aged 60 or older or those aged 18 or older who live in a First Nations community who received their second dose on or before July 10 are now strongly encouraged to receive their third dose. A six month timeframe between second and third doses continues to be recommended for most other eligible Manitobans. More information is available at

Eligibility for first and second doses of the COVID-19 vaccine continues to include anyone aged five or older. Second dose appointments can be made for children ages five to 11. The interval between first and second doses must be a minimum of eight weeks, or a minimum of 21 days for children living in First Nations communities.

A total of 2,354,357 doses of vaccine have been administered in Manitoba, including 42,693 first doses given to children aged five to 11. This represents 34.1 per cent of children in that age group. As of today, 83.4 per cent of all eligible Manitobans aged five and up have received at least one dose of the vaccine and 78 per cent have received two doses. Manitoba’s online vaccine dashboard will be updated in the coming days to include updated statistics about third doses.

Many Manitoba vaccine sites, as well as pharmacies and clinics, are offering walk-in and appointment-based vaccination for COVID and seasonal flu. Eligible individuals can book their appointments online, by calling (toll-free) 1-844-626-8222 (1-844-MAN-VACC), or by contacting their local pharmacy or medical clinic directly. Visit for some of the available options.

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