The lush green and dynamic colors at the International Peace Garden are vibrant after all the moisture and sunshine southern Manitoba has had over the past few weeks!

CEO, Tim Chapman, says their flowers beds are shaping up beautifully, this year's theme focused on music and the Arts to officially welcome the International Music Camp back to the Peace Garden after a two-year hiatus.

To share more of the rich history of the Garden, celebrating 90 years this summer, they have started a new Blog page on their website. 

"It was really a good year to get that going because we just want to share more about the history and what the Garden is all about through our regular updates to our website," shares Chapman.  "It's just a fun way to remind people that there's so much rich history, especially locally."

"We've been spending hours over the past few months going through all the old archives, and what you find is almost everyone around here has a cousin or a grandfather, someone who worked at the Garden going back to the early 30's when it was first dedicated."

"So, we can share a lot of fun, little anecdotes," he adds. "Maybe some people didn't know how the different parts of the Garden came about.  It's just a fun way getting the word out more and we have great input both on social media and on our website so we want to make sure our followers and our visitors have something to read every now and then."

Their most recent event was the annual Fiddle Festival held last weekend  "It was incredible," shares Chapman.  "People were coming back; a lot of musicians and a lot of folks from the different communities to come and listen to music for the first time in 2 years was really a touching moment!  It felt like we were getting back to normal again."

For  more information visit their website at where you can visit their Blog page, check out what's coming up, and sign up for their newsletter which comes out more frequently during the summer months. 

"As the conservatory project finishes up this Fall we'll be having a lot more going on through the whole 12 months of the year so that's the way to keep up to date with what's new at the Garden and what's coming back!" adds Chapman.