April 2019 Advisory Council Meeting Resolutions - Portage la Prairie (April 2)

Permission for Hunting

KAP will lobby for a mandatory annual written permission form for hunting on private land to be included in the Manitoba Hunter’s Guide.

Canadian Border Import and Biosecurity

KAP will lobby the proper authorities to step up the actions and increase the penalties to deter African Swine Fever and other serious infectious diseases from entering Canada.

Daylight Savings Time

KAP will oppose Bill 205 Official Time Amendment Act (Daylight Savings Time abolished), and lobby the Government of Manitoba to maintain the current Daylight Savings Time Act.

Review of Canada Grain Act

KAP will participate in the review of the Canada Grain Act to ensure the stability and reputation of Canadian producers;
KAP will lobby the government of Canada to ensure the Canadian Grain Commission continues to provide the vital roles of adding value and protection to Canadian farmers.

Carbon Tax

KAP will work with the Government of Manitoba and Government of Canada to exempt all farm fuel, including natural gas and propane, from the carbon tax.

Increased Cost of Prescription Drugs for Animal Use

KAP will lobby Health Canada, the Canadian Veterinary Association and the Manitoba Medical Veterinary Association to review and continue monitoring the veterinary client relationship as it relates to the legislation on antimicrobial use in farmed animals.

Identity Preserved Canola

KAP will lobby MASC to add Identity Preserved Canola to the list of crop choices for risk management crop insurance.

Landowners’ Rights and Trespassing

KAP will lobby the Government of Manitoba and Manitoba’s Minister of Justice to introduce legislation that would make trespassing on farmland a chargeable offence.