The Morden Police Service is looking at a number of exciting changes and challenges moving into 2018.

The most urgent challenge is the current administrative overload since the retirement of the service's Sergeant earlier this summer.

At the recent Morden Police Board meeting Chief Brad Neduzak explained the service has three individuals working as acting sergeants as they look to fill the position permanently despite budgetary constraints.

"The Police Service, the Police Board, as well as Council; we want to maintain the type of service our community deserves," Neduzak says.

The recent review of the Morden Police Service and Winkler Police Service by consultant and retired Winnipeg Police Chief, Devon Clunis, has also added a proposal that would significantly shape the future of both Morden and Winkler.

Clunis recommends a melding of the two services to create a larger, unified, regional police service.

However, the proposed changes are still only in preliminary discussions, and no commitments or decisions have been made.

Morden Police Board Chair Rich Harries explains they still have a number of milestones to reach within the Morden service, like the hiring of a sergeant, before talks can move forward.

"It’s key to the success and long-term viability of the police service that the two organizations, the Police Board and Morden City Council, have a positive working experience," Harries says. "That would extend to the Winkler Police Board if shared services are what the two communities really are interested in pursuing."