Will and Jen Bergmann of Glenlea, MB are heading off to Fredericton, NB this week for the Canada's Outstanding Young Farmer's Awards Banquet.

They won the Manitoba award earlier this year.

The Bergmann Brothers (Est. 1925) farm canola, corn, wheat, soybeans, oats and pigs. In addition, Will and Jen started a CSA garden that provides organic fruit and vegetables for subscribing families and local restaurants. They also own a restaurant, Oxbow, near downtown Winnipeg and Will is active on social media, educating thousands about what farm life looks like.

"I've been working really hard to try to share the story of agriculture, be a voice in agriculture, for agriculture," said Will. "Sharing it with the urban population and connecting those dots around food production. Getting an opportunity to be with other farmers who are doing all kinds of outstanding things in different provinces and different regions is really exciting for me to be able to share that story further."

The national winners will be selected at a banquet on Friday night.