After months of delays, the new $3 million dollar water pump house in Plum Coulee is up and running.

Municipality of Rhineland reeve, Don Wiebe, says the facility has already improved water service in town, and in the rural area to the north and west all the way up to the Rhineland West Ag Park.

"The residents have noticed quite an increase in's got a bit more zip to it!"

He notes fire protection in Plum Coulee will also be greatly enhanced by this improved service.

Wiebe was among a group of municipal officials to tour the facility last week and says he was impressed.

"With all of the technology that's there and the monitoring that goes on," he explained. "There are big pumps that serve the rural area, there are pumps that serve the Plum Coulee area." The facility also comes with a back-up generator that kicks in and maintains service during power outages.