June Letkeman is humbled to be the first woman ever elected to council in the Municipality of Rhineland. She says she is proud of this accomplishment, and hopes she can make a difference and serve her community over the next four years.

Letkeman feels women bring another very important perspective to local government.

"I think a woman's perspective is more towards social issues, schools, and libraries. Not that the men aren't interested, they certainly are and they do a good job, but I think a woman's perspective is important in those areas," she explained.

We asked her if this milestone came with any added pressure.

"Not really. I haven't felt any at all actually. The men have been very welcoming and I feel as an equal, and they make me feel as an equal, so it's a wonderful feeling," she replied.

While she may be new to this council, Letkeman does bring years of experience with her to the job having previously served two terms as a councillor for the Town of Plum Coulee.

A long-time advocate of the area, Letkeman said it was important for her to get involved and make a difference.

"We have an excellent council and I'm really proud of them," she said. "I'm looking forward to the next four years."