Winkler's Domino's Pizza is offering support to the police, firefighters and paramedics who were on the scene of yesterday's fire at Janzen's Paint. 

Franchisee, Abe Teichroeb, said he was delivering pizza to Morden when he first saw some smoke in the air. By the time he returned to Winker, there were firetrucks and paramedics on the scene, with local police blocking the roads off.

"It was devastating to me to see a fellow business owner's business up in flames"

Teichroeb, looking to help, is offering free pizza to the emergency crews who were involved in fighting the blaze yesterday.

"I can understand that it would be very emotionally stressful and physically draining, they were there for a long time and I can't imagine the toll it takes on their bodies."

Photos of the aftermath from this morning below...