Local entrepreneurs are feeling the pinch as non-critical businesses are closed for the next two weeks.

Winkler Chamber of Commerce President Darren Heide explains a number of local businesses have shut their doors including restaurant dining rooms, hair salons, gyms and garden centres.

While restaurants are still eligible to provide take-out and delivery options, many will still feel the impact of the restrictions.

"They're finding a different way to operate... but it does have a significant impact on a lot of our businesses around town," Heide says.

He also applauds the work of local grocery stores who are offering ways to order online and pick up or by phone and delivery.

"Our community and our businesses are adapting quite rapidly to meet these needs so people don't have to go into stores," Heide says. "It's all about maintaining that social distancing."

While the restrictions and closures present economic challenges, Heide explains the measures are necessary for everyone's safety.

"Hopefully, if we can all follow these guidelines from public health officials, the sooner we can get back to business as usual."

The Province announced on Monday all businesses that are not listed in the schedule of critical services must close between April 1 and April 14.