Restoration work has begun at the Plum Coulee Hall and Arena following a devastating fire last spring, and now the project has been given a $300,000 boost.

Before he passed away, former resident CJ Dyck set aside the money in his will to specifically benefit the arena. That estate has now been made public and Don Wiebe, Reeve for the Municipality of Rhineland, says Council is grateful that Dyck saw fit to support local youth activities and notes that the timing of the donation was perfect.

"This grant makes it possible to really revamp the facilities and part of that...includes putting a concrete floor into the arena so it has year-round usage."

Meantime, Councillor for Plum Coulee, Archie Heinrichs, says Dyck spent a lot of time at the arena over the years because he loved sports and loved to see kids have a good time.

"He would always help with volunteering, whatever he could do. If it had to be tying kids' skates or working as a janitor or caretaker and never really wanting to get paid for it."

At one point, when fees were implemented for public skating, Dyck even took it upon himself to pay for that ice time so the activity would remain free for local kids.

Heinrichs says that Dyck certainly leaves behind quite the legacy.