Those with injuries are able to keep their recovery on the fast-track thanks to innovative new tele-rehab options.

While COVID measures closing many organizations' doors, staff at Winkler Physiotherapy, which has offices in Morden and Carman, are offering virtual physiotherapy sessions to continue peoples' rehab journeys.

"This is of great concern to us for patients who have waited months and even years to have orthopedic surgeries performed and now they have no access to post op rehabilitation. It also concerns us for any patient who has suffered a new injury, or deals with chronic pain," Physiotherapist Ashley Froese explains.

Staff use video chat apps to walk the patient through specific movements and perform an assessment and determine a plan of care.

While the care isn't hands-on, she notes they can assist the patient in techniques, exercising, and activities like heat, ice, self-trigger point release, and foam rolling.

"We feel that tele-rehab will not only be an ideal option during COVID but one that will continue to stick around as it will allow up to continue to improve accessibility to care for rural patients," Froese says.