Lowe Farm's last remaining old grain elevator started to come down this weekend. Crews began demolishing the landmark on Friday.

R.M. of Morris Reeve Ralph Groening admits it's kind of sad to see it go, but noted this is not unlike what's happening in other communities across the Prairies.

"We regret seeing that happen, I think there's a number of them disappearing every year," said Groening. "They are a reminder of how farming has developed in Manitoba, and they're gone."

After demolition of the Lowe Farm elevator is complete, Groening says there will only be one remaining structure from that era left in the municipality. That's the old Norman Patterson elevator in Kane.

Groening suggests it will take a number of weeks for the entire structure to come down.

"The attempt always is to try to salvage some of the old timbers. There's some great wood in these fifty, sixty, seventy year-old structures," he noted.

Groening says the structure had been used as private grain storage for a corporate Manitoba farm, and as he understands, the costs to maintain the aging elevator weren't feasible.