Construction is reaching the finish line on the 84,000 sq. ft. Meridian Exhibition Centre (MEC). The approximately $19 million project will add a second arena and indoor turf facility to the current Winkler Centennial Arena, now able to host gala events for up to 2,200 people (1,300 on the turf side, 900 on the arena side.)

Winkler Mayor Martin Harder says there is mostly inner walls and cosmetics that need to be finished and expects the arena to be ready for November.

"It's exciting to see, the boards are up and now you can really see what it will look like," he says.

Harder adds crews were able to achieve a near perfect concrete surface in the new rink. An NHL surface will tolerate a quarter of an inch difference in elevation from one end to the other. At the MEC, crews achieved less than a quarter of an inch, giving them the designation of "super level".

The City has also purchased a new Zamboni machine that will service both ice surfaces.