Miami School

Miami School is a smaller school they have the unique atmosphere of having every grade, kindergarten to grade 12, in one building. Since the most popular lesson in the whole school was the baby chicks the grade two class were hatching, Cohen caught up with Ms. Vanstone and a few students.

"The experience is one that is unique to a small agricultural community, from the donation of the eggs from the local farmers, to the knowledge Ms. Vanstone is able to share with the grade 2 class. This is what small towns are all about," says Cohen Alexander, the host of Miami School's Collegiate 411 segment.

Mennonite Collegiate Institute in Gretna

2024_05_13_coll411_mci_01.jpg A minute to win in game where students had to bounce ping pong balls onto bread with peanut butter

By the sounds of it the students of Mennonite Collegiate Institute have been able to take part in a lot of bonding activities like color wars and minute to win it games. 

"Games like tic-tac-toe where we bounce ping pong balls on bread with peanut butter, we also competed to see who could make the highest marshmallow tower, and of course your 'typical get the cookie in your mouth without using your hands.' " stated Nelia.

You can also find out more about their next choir concert below.