The president of the Minnewasta Golf and Country Club says it was a no-brainer deciding to rebuild the Club's clubhouse after the timber frame structure, including a banquet hall, burned to the ground in a devastating fire in November.

"Obviously, we need a clubhouse," said Tyler Sawatzky. "That building was such a landmark for our community, and we want to replace it."

As a result, the Board has engaged LM Architectural Group out of Winnipeg to design a new facility with the hope having it ready to go for the 2023 season.

"We're very excited to work them as they have extensive knowledge and expertise in golf courses of all sorts in Manitoba, and also in the restaurant industry which will be imperative for our new building," said Sawatzky.

As to whether the new clubhouse will be another timber frame structure or include a banquet hall, Sawatzky didn't have a concrete answer but said the Board is evaluating all options that present the most optimal approach for the Club moving forward.

"We want to make this building something that is going to be a hub for our community, a place where people can come, and we desire that to be a year-round facility. How that looks at this point, and the cost, I can't confirm but we're looking all alternatives at this point."

Meantime, the Board continues to work with the insurance adjustor and check off the required items in order to receive the payout for the insured amount of the old clubhouse. "Things are going positive in that manner," noted Sawatzky.

As that work continues, and as the Board and design firm hammer out what the new clubhouse will look like, Sawatzky says planning for the 2022 season is underway, including having some kind of interim facility up and running.