Morden Police received a report of a stolen bike Monday morning that was left in a yard the previous night. 
Police said the suspect dropped the bike at the home on Nelson Street and ran into bushes to hide from vehicles passing. The bike was left at the residence as the suspect ran away wearing a ski mask. 
Police are continuing their investigation. 

Meanwhile, multiple tickets for speeding and a handful of other fines were issued by the Morden Police Service during the week of June 20th to 27th.
In total, 6 speeding tickets were given out, including one for $351 for going 83 km/h in a 50 km/h Zone.
Two tickets for the operation of a motor vehicle while using a cellular device were also issued, each carrying a fine of $672. 
12 tickets for failing to move over and reduce to proper speed while passing an emergency vehicle were also given out.
Other ticketed offences included Driving without a Valid Driver's Licence, the Obstruction of a licence plate, Driving an Unregistered Vehicle, and unlawfully transporting alcohol.