Last week, City Counsellors, City Staff, Morden Fire and Rescue team members, and Morden Police Service staff and family members gathered in the Morden Civic Centre to recognize the retirement of a special member of the Morden Police Service.   

Police Service Dog (PSD) Chase served the community for twelve years and was commemorated with a small, intimate ceremony where she actively greeted each guest with a sniff, receiving a rub or pat on the head from almost everyone in attendance. 

It's not hard to know the lasting impression she has made on the community as Morden's first PSD. 

Her partner Sgt Scott Edwards is grateful for the opportunity to be her lifelong partner. 

"I'd like to thank the Police Service and our City for their support with this venture. She's been an important part to the Morden Police Service, and another tool for us in helping keep this community safe. In addition to the city, we can't do it without some donors. We've had the province step up, and as part of the criminal Property Forfeiture Grant, provide us with some funds to continue the unit, and also the Thrift Store has been instrumental in helping us get Chase, and keep Chase, but also now get (PSD) Ice, our new police dog."  

Morden Police Chief Brad Neduzak shared his remarks regarding this special relationship. 

"It's a special position, there's no doubt about it. It looks like one of those glorious positions, and looks like a lot of fun, which it can be when you have a very special partner. When you have a canine working with you each and every day, I don't think anybody really realizes the commitment, and having to train every single day with her to keep her skills up, and to keep the handler skills up, but at the end of the day, she also goes home, back to his house, and is a regular part of their family, so his job doesn't end at the end of his work day."