We were excited to welcome Morden Mayor Nancy Penner to our In the Mayor’s Chair feature Wednesday morning on CFAM Radio 950. The City of Morden has joined our radio community of Reeves and Mayors, and Nancy spoke with Morning Show Host Chris Sumner about a number of topics, including the announcement of the Suncatch Plaza opening for the season.

"On June 10th we'll be opening the Suncatch Plaza, and of course everybody knows it's in Morden's downtown Market Square," shared the Mayor. "It's exciting to create a space to increase our pedestrian traffic, and also to promote the downtown core as a destination. Everybody knows the Plaza is located between Appelt's Diamonds and our iconic clock tower building on 8th Street. If you're interested in booking this space, or want to provide entertainment or host a cultural celebration, a fundraising event, you can just e-mail recreation@mymorden.ca . The space is free, but it is on a first come basis, so just be sure to let us know if you want to rent this space."

The Mayor also announced a new algae control method the city will be using this Summer at Lake Minnewasta.

"We'll often get algae build up in the heat of the summer in July and August, and we're going to try some ultrasonic algae control," said Penner. "I won't get into the specifics, but that's something we're going to try. Not only will it improve the water quality for swimming, it will also help with the water treatment of the water, so when we treat it at the water treatment plant, it will improve not only the the taste, but the quality of the water we produce."

You can listen to the entire first episode of In the Mayor's Chair with Morden Mayor Nancy Penner, below.