The Town of Morris is posting some staggering waste diversion statistics for 2017.

Mayor, Gavin van der Linde, says the people of Morris helped boost the waste diversion rate in town to 40 per cent this past year. That means 40 per cent of the community's total waste is being diverted away from the local landfill.

Overall, projections indicate that recycling in Morris increased 60 per cent and 122 tonnes of organic waste was shipped out of Morris in 2017.

Van der Linde pointed out that it's only been one year since Council implemented a new three-stream cart system in town to separately collect recycling, compost and other garbage.  

"It was new for some people, we had some concerns from people, but over the last year I've actually just had positive feedback," said van der Linde.

In fact, he said requests are coming in for more frequent recycling pick-up. Currently that service is only offered every second week.