Story sponsored by Murray Dodge Ram of the Pembina Valley

A familiar face has returned to the region, one well known across the area, for his outgoing personality and dedication to customer service. Murray Dodge Ram of the Pembina Valley in Morden is excited to have Randy Klassen join their team of sales professionals.

"I had the privilege of growing up with Randy, he’s only a few years older" said Warren Neufeld, Financial Services Manager. "He coached GVC (Garden Valley Collegiate) high school hockey in 98-99, and I had the privilege of playing on that team, so I’ve known him for a while. Randy brings a ton of experience in selling with a positive energy. He creates a new excitement in the dealership. He’s a hometown boy, who grew up in the culture of the Pembina Valley, and gives the dealership a hometown feeling."

Murray Dodge Ram is a family based dealership, noted Neufeld, with amazing people who have many different gifts and talents.  

"We are in the business of getting together to sit and talk about vehicles," he said. "If you'd like to take one for a ride, it's probably the best part.  We have all types of vehicles from performance cars and minivans to trucks and SUV’s. I love how Stelantis, our parent company, keeps coming up with new and better ideas."

The Pembina Valley region is one of the fastest growing in the province, and Murray Dodge Ram has been at the forefront of that growth with its dealerships.

"It's wonderful to be a part of a community that is growing, that brings such a wide variety of people into the dealership from locals, to people from other areas of the province to provinces away," explained Neufeld. "They all have needs, and we get to help them. Connecting with people you recognize, or people that just moved in, is a great experience. Hearing and learning their stories makes the job satisfying, and we get to help them purchase their transportation."

With the region growing as a whole, that has also meant growth for the dealership, which led to Randy Klassen making his way back to the area.

"There are so many reasons to come back to this amazing area," Klassen stressed. "For one, I was born and raised in Winkler.  I spent thirty-seven years of my life here before living the last eight in Brandon. This really is a homecoming for me. My wife and I have most of our support networks in the area, including friends and family. Echo, my daughter, has some great friends in the area as well.  This is where I call home, and of course, the opportunity with the Murray group was exceptional, so I’m looking forward to that, too."

Klassen is known for the importance he places place on customer service and relationships, and was asked to reflect why those things are important to him.

"When I’m dealing with a customer, or anyone just walking in the door, I always try to picture myself as that person," he started. "Having two daughters, I always try to picture how they would get treated, and I just really try to do that. I don’t want anybody to feel like they’re out of place, or they’re a burden for any particular reason at all. It’s just something I’ve just always put a focus on, that my dad taught me growing up in his business, and my grandfather taught him. It’s really just a mind-set I’ve grown up with and just enjoy.  I’m hoping if I walk in somewhere I’m going to get that same treatment."  

Klassen joined the Murray Dodge Ram team earlier in this Summer, and has jumped right into connecting with the dealership's customers.

"I like the fact every opportunity, when a customer walks in, is different," he noted. "There’s no black and white in our business, it’s very fluid.  I love the opportunities and the challenges to help individual customers with their needs and wants. You know, this area we are very fortunate to call home, has some of the most entrepreneurial spirits and mindsets I have ever come across.  There is very much a 'can-do' mentality in this area. To latch on to that, to help people get what they need and want, is phenomenal. We just like to help every single one in every way we can."

Klassen is looking forward to selling the Dodge, Ram and Jeep line-up.

"I love the fact we’ve got such a wide selection," he said. "We’ve got everything from small compact SUV’s all the way up to some of the absolute largest, most capable trucks in the marketplace today. Our colour options, features, our very different look, we have some unique stuff I don’t think is available through any other manufacturer. The fact we are the only Dodge Ram Jeep Chrysler dealership in the Pembina Valley is so important, and I feel having the entire line up here, and available, is a huge advantage. It's something more people maybe don’t realize that the selection is available."

And with Fall just around the corner, Klassen is looking forward to seeing both past customers and future friends.

"I want to invite everybody in the area to come in and say 'Hello,'" he shared. "I'm happy to introduce myself to anybody and everybody, and to meet the team here at the dealership. We’ve got a big Pembina Valley Homecoming Event planned for September, and we can’t wait to share it with everyone. It’s going to be a month-long celebration.  We’re going to offer some giveaways with some very interactive stuff with our social media platforms, as well as a BBQ September 16th.  I am absolutely looking forward to getting out there, and introducing our dealership, and the Murray culture, to the Pembina Valley. We look forward to helping you and your family along the way."