The NDP candidate for Midland says her history with the health care system is part of the reason why she put her name on the ballot.

As the primary caregiver for her mother and father-in-law, Cindy Friesen said she has experienced long wait times at the hospital.

"I just felt because of my experience on the other side of it that people need to hear and I can speak from practical advice," she said.

"I think that what's happening in the health care (system) is a very, very important concern for all people (in) Midland and every constituency out there."

Friesen also has more than a decade worth of experience in the labour movement. She previously served as vice-president for the Manitoba Federation of Labour, and she currently holds the same position with the Canadian Office and Professional Employees (COPE) Union Local 342.

She has not run in a provincial election before but said she does have political experience working with the NDP through her role with COPE.

During the campaign process, she has been using social media to reach out to constituents.

"I can offer them that I will be available, that I will fight hard for them and I can speak on their concerns, which is everybody's concerns," Friesen said.

Other names on the ballot for Midland include Liberal Julia Sisler and incumbent Blaine Pedersen from the PC Party. Voting will take place Sept. 10.