The last time the Town of Altona had a recreation master plan drawn up was in 1997. And while a lot of work has been done since then, Mayor Harv Schroeder says Council felt a new framework for the future was needed and has contracted Urban Systems Limited with developing the new strategy. 

"We'll use this plan to help direct future implementation of recreation opportunities by examining and prioritizing the needs and wants of the community, which there has been a lot of asks of different things in the community, so we felt that we needed to get something put together," explained Schroeder.

Those requests include soccer and cricket pitches, softball diamonds, to name a few, and a proposal from A-CAN to help expand the Town's active transportation network. The local campground could also be expanded under this new master plan.

"We need to have a plan for what fits what area, what's feasible," said Schroeder.

"Altona's had a steady population growth, which includes many newcomers from diverse cultures, backgrounds and recreation interests," he added. "So, we seek to bring new opportunities that reflect the needs and desires of all residents of our community."