Four Provincial candidates are vying to represent the Morden-Winkler constituency in the 42nd general election this fall.

Incumbent PC Cameron Friesen is joined on the ballot by Robin Dalloo of the NDP, David Mintz representing the Liberals and Mike Urichuk of the Green Party.

While the Winkler Chamber of Commerce held a forum Wednesday evening to provide voters with a chance to hear from the prospective candidates and their platforms, only the Conservative and Green candidates were in attendance.

Friesen and Urichuk presented their vision for the future of Manitoba and answered questions from the public that ranged from concerns around taxes, education and local infrastructure.

"I was pleased to be at the candidates' debate and make the case for how our party has done a good job, moved Manitoba forward, and has done what we said we were going to do," Friesen says.

Incumbent PC Cameron Friesen

"The major question is about trust... who of the parties do you believe will actually do what they're planning on doing," he adds. "I believe our record is clear, we're doing what we said we'd do... we have reduced the PST, here in Winkler and Morden we're building schools... we have provided hundreds of childcare spaces, helped create affordable housing, we solved the dilemma around security at Boundary Trails Health Centre and Eden Health Care Services, we are getting the job done one commitment at a time."

"I believe I still have the energy and the experience to do the job," Friesen says.

Urichuk explains he believes in the power of local voices.

"I'm hoping to empower local regions to make decisions for themselves," he says, adding empowering public services is key to creating a sustainable system "so people want to work in them and we don't have to spend tons of dollars trying to recruit new people every single year. If we're treating our staff well people will come in. If we're not treating them well, not heeding their voices, we're not going to see the increase we need in healthcare, teaching... it's a system that needs to be supported properly."

Poverty and the environment remain high on his list as well. "We have a 19 percent poverty rate in Winkler this year, I'd love to see that go down. I'd love to make sure we address climate change properly by reducing phosphorous use in the local regions."

The Provincial Election takes place on September 10.