Since the end of December, frequent snowfall events have created steady work for grader and plow operators throughout the region. With that in mind, homeowners in the Municipality of Rhineland are being asked a simple favour when clearing their own driveways. 

Residents in the Municipality of Rhineland are being asked to stop pushing snow on to local roads. File photo.

"We're seeing more and more people pushing snow across the road(s) and we've seen big chunks of snow left behind," said Public Works Director Craig Smiley. "It's just not a good idea," he added.

Smiley is asking residents to push the snow into their yards and find a place to pile it up. This applies to yards in the country and in the various communities within the municipality.

He explained snow pushed on to the road can get rock-hard and not only shake up the grader when it comes by but could also cause serious damage to unsuspecting traffic. He added these piles can also cause roads to drift-over faster than usual.

Overall, Smiley feels crews have done a good job in keeping up with the snow clearing work this winter, noting all municipal roads are back open within 10 hours after a storm. The municipality boasts a fleet of 4 graders that each clear about 85 miles, and a plow truck.