September 23 to 29 is Rail Safety Week across Canada and is a chance to change people's train of thought when they encounter a railway.

"We try and make people aware of the dangers of disobeying signals at railway crossings and trespassing on, or near tracks and property," says CN Constable Joe Jardine.

He says October to December are when most accidents happen due to the changes in weather and people not travelling accordingly.

"We aim for this time of year because schools are back in . . . The weather is still decent so people are still out and about, and we can try and get in contact with as many people as we possibly can."

Rail safety is also applicable to people of all ages. To help educate, CN has 360-degree virtual reality videos that show different situations one may encounter at a crossing and how to proceed safely.

Jardine says, "the other thing we ask is for people to bear in mind the CN Police phone number 1-800-465-9239. If you witness any unsafe activity on or around railway property give us a call at any time."

Although they have people monitoring railways throughout the year, they cannot be everywhere at once. This is where parents and guardians play a huge role.

"One thing to remember that people tend to forget is the only safe and legal place to cross a train [track] is at a level crossing."

"In Winkler for instance, you have a rail line that cuts right through the middle of town as do many prairie communities, and people tend to want to cut across the tracks because they get complacent . . . The trains don't always run on a schedule. They can come at any time, any track, and in any direction," adds Jardine.

He says that it is important to set an example for others, whether for strangers passing by or your kids. Just because you don't see a train travelling through often, doesn't mean that will always be the case.

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