There's mixed feelings of frustration and support within the Emerson-Franklin municipality when it comes to the blockade near the Emerson/Pembina port of entry, according to Reeve Dave Carlson.

"If you look at the country as whole, there's a lot of division," said Carlson. "There's people in our municipality that are sympathetic (to the blockade) and see some merit in what they are doing, and there's those that are very frustrated and don't like what they're see at all."

"As a municipality, we believe in peoples' rights to protest," he added. "I'm not a big fan of blockades...they affect a lot of our local business and things like that. I know these are tough times and people are doing what they're doing, and we're just hoping that there can be some resolution to the blockade."

ling on all levels of government to open a dialogue with the organizers of each of the blockades happening in Canada in what he hopes will be an effort to find common ground.

Meantime, the Province of Manitoba announced on Friday its plans to lift restrictions and remove vaccine requirements.

Meantime, Premier Heather Stefanson says she has reached out to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for his plan on dealing with the border blockade in Manitoba, as well as at other spots in the country. "(the border) is under his perview," said Stefanson.

The Premier indicated Friday that she was also booked for a conversation with North Dakota's Governor later in the day in order to gauge what's happening on the American side of the border.

"Of course, those restrictions at the border were put in place as a result of President Biden, and so I look forward to having those discussions," added Stefanson.

As well, Stefanson said the Province respects the RCMP officers that are managing the situation at the border. Also, as she understands it, livestock transport is being allowed through the barrier.

"But again it goes to both sides, there needs to be a balance," added Stefanson. "I respect for those who have the right to peaceful protest, but also those truckers who have the right to deliver those services as part of their job."

The federal government confirmed Friday it will announce changes to COVID-19 measures at the border next week.