Regional Connections recently named its new Executive Director.

Steve Reynolds will take the leadership role of the newcomer services agency that operates in Winkler, Morden and Altona.

Outgoing director Laurie Sawatzky says Reynolds has been with her for over a decade and is perfectly suited for the role.

"He is calm, you need that here. He has a sense of humour, you need that here," she says, adding Reynolds has helped shape Regional Connections' philosophy of creating services and programs that revolve around the clients' needs. "I know Steve will continue to follow the mandate we have, because it's working."

Reynolds says he's learned a lot from Sawatzky over the years, "Seeing how the Executive Director plays such an important role in getting things started and developing new programs."

Sawatzky has been part of Regional Connections' creation over 16 years ago. Since 1998, she seen 15,000 people access their services.

"We celebrate the success of each client," she says, whether it's a new job, receiving their citizenship or reaching a milestone in their English education.

"Our role is to make sure whatever the goals and objectives are for newcomers, we're here to help them along the way," Sawatzky says.

"The journey has been an interesting one, when I first started the job I never imagined this, never in a million years. Here we are with beautiful spaces in Winkler, Morden and Altona."

Sawatzky with a farewell collage made by staff as a thank-you gift