Councillors for the Municipality of Rhineland continue to mull feedback surrounding a proposed expansion of the special services by-law for the L.U.D. of Gretna. Essentially all of the delegations that presented at a public hearing earlier in December advocated on behalf of Mennonite Collegiate Institute (MCI) which, according to the chair of the school's Board of Directors, will perhaps be hit hardest if the changes are approved. School officials say the expanded levy would triple MCI's annual tax bill and would pose an added expense the institution isn't prepared to absorb.

Reeve Don Wiebe says Council is weighing the objections carefully.

"There is a question of fairness, and the MCI Board and people representing it seem to understand that, but they're talking about their tenuous situation," said Wiebe.

"We appreciate that MCI is in an integral part of the community there, it's been there for a long time...and so Council started to talk about the pros and cons of that, and trying to weigh the arguments and looking at some of the options that might be possible," he added.

The MCI Board of Directors is requesting Council hold off on making any changes for two years.

Because the process for making a decision on this type of by-law amendment offers a wider timeframe than others, Council has the benefit of not rushing to a decision. That being said, Wiebe expects a decision on how to move forward will have to be made sometime in January.

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