Infrastructure, and economic and community development are topping Don Wiebe's 2019 list of highlights for the Municipality of Rhineland.

It took a while, but Wiebe says the low-pressure sewer project for Plum Coulee East was finally completed this past year.

In addition, tenders for a new pump house and reservoir in Plum Coulee have been processed and will be awarded shortly.

Council also undertook a study of the wastewater requirements for the ag park north of Altona, and Wiebe expects that effort to continue in 2020.

2019 also saw the municipality file applications to the federal government's Investing in Canada Plan seeking funding for the GNS East reservoir expansion, upgrades to its priority grain roads network, ongoing renovations to the Gretna arena, a sewer lift station for Plum Coulee, and improvements to the Trans Canada Trail system.

Meantime, Wiebe says Council continues to lobby for improved cell phone service throughout the municipality.

The past year also saw Council approve new chicken barn construction, as well as various business and hog operation expansions.

"Other things to the development of the Rhineland West Ag Park. A lot of things have happened there," said Wiebe, who is pleased to announce that phase two of that project will proceed in 2020.

In addition, Wiebe says Council was pleased to partner with the S.E.E.D. group in launching a regional tax incentive for new and expanding business, as well as a new immigration pilot project that aims to fill job vacancies in the area.

Also topping Wiebe's list of highlights for 2019 is the implementation of a new, uniform suite of by-laws for the municipality encompassing parking, animal control, unsightly properties and fire restrictions. This came with a new policy for enforcement - a system of fines and tickets according to provincial legislation.

"The Commissionaires out of Winnipeg have been hired to enforce these bylaws, and it's happening. Of course, the one we see the most action on is animal control," explained Wiebe.

Additional community development highlights include Council's successful takeover and renovation of the Gretna arena.

Wiebe was also pleased with a 2-year extension of the Plum Coulee police agreement with the Altona Police Service.

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