Rhineland municipal leaders will be urging their peers to support their resolution on water management at this week's AMM annual meeting in Brandon.

Communities from across the province have submitted over 40 resolutions for consideration at this year's convention.

Rhineland reeve Don Wiebe says they are asking AMM members to support their quest for a provincial water management strategy.

"We all stand to benefit from planning because it reduces soil erosion, helps with the quality of water runoff and will enhance our agricultural base because it also then incorporates tile drainage into that picture. So, what we're looking for is a comprehensive strategy for dealing with all of those issues in an attempt to maximize and sustain our agricultural base."

One of the ongoing issues that rural municipalities deal with is the maintenance of provincial drains. Those drains are a provincial government responsibility, but too many times they are in poor condition.

"It's key that they are maintained," said Wiebe. "So, under a provincial strategy, if those drains were built to a current standard then it's easier for us to design municipal drains and of course municipal drains connect directly to our producers."

Wiebe said Rhineland is also requesting in its resolution that the province increase staff resources to work in conjunction will all municipalities and conservation districts throughout Manitoba to develop this overall strategy.

Wiebe says he's realistic about the timeline of such a strategy, admitting it will take a number of years to implement.

He adds, however, a foundation for such a water management plan needs to be established, which is at the heart of their resolution.