Council for the Municipality of Rhineland is taking its own approach in responding to a recent survey conducted by the Association of Manitoba Municipalities (AMM).

The questionnaire sought feedback on what, if any, provincial infrastructure responsibilities could be handed off to municipalities should the government move ahead with this rumoured plan.

However, Rhineland reeve, Don Wiebe, says council feels the issue is too complex to be covered in a survey.

"We think our situation, given that we're made up of prime agricultural land (about 96 percent), our road situation is quite unique. And so we said rather than filling out the survey where it becomes part of a general database, we are prepared to sit down and discuss our needs, our situations and how we intersect with the provincial infrastructure. That would be a better conversation to have than by doing it via survey," explained Wiebe.

Additionally, at the direction of the Province, Wiebe says council is in the process of shifting its thinking to a more holistic approach when it comes to planning and asset management. He explains council doesn't want to inherit assets in poor condition and wants to know what supports are available to municipalities to fix those items without increasing the tax burden to ratepayers.

"I think it's always good to look for ways that we as provincial and municipal governments can things do more efficiently, to have a review of that discussion and what makes sense in terms of who takes care of what, is a good discussion to have and we're quite willing to do that."