The Kaitlyn Marie Reimer Scholarship was presented to Garden Valley Collegiate student, Jaren Hildebrand on Monday (June 17).

The Katie Cares Foundation is a well-known organization supporting people going through challenging health situations at Boundary Trails Health Centre Foundation. John Reimer, who is Katie’s brother, is proud to have a part in expanding the organization in this way.  

“This entire organization has definitely taken off.  [It’s] definitely showing that the community has rallied [to] support a great cause.” 

The scholarship is something fairly new and exciting for Katie Cares Foundation, this being the third scholarship that they've given away. Reimer says there is something special about giving the scholarship to a Garden Valley Collegiate student - the school that Katie attended.  

Students were asked to write as essay explaining why they would like to receive the scholarship. Hildebrand’s essay was chosen by Katie Cares Foundation, says Reimer, “He wrote [about] what he wants to do in his future. He’s great, outgoing, and very smart from what I've seen. He's just a great candidate.” 

Hildebrand not only wrote about his plans for the future, but also about how Katie influenced and inspired him.  

“I always remembered her battle and how much she really inspired people around the community, especially in the hospital given her health situation. And when I thought about it, it made me think a lot about the opportunities that I've been blessed enough to have. From the people in my life who've given me a lot of wisdom and guidance [such as] coaches, teachers, etc. I thought about her mission. I certainly could relate to what she wanted to do, [and] what she wanted to pursue in this world.” 

The $2000 scholarship will be going towards a university education for Hildebrand, as he pursues education at the University of Winnipeg. 

With files from Robyn Wiebe.

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